Part of our philosophy is in the promotion of natural foods being safer and more beneficial for consumers. With the ever-increasing nation-wide healthy-eating awareness of today, a general realization of consumers is that a significant amount of food products sold to them is not suitable for maintaining their overall well-being.

It is with this in mind that we direct our focus towards offering wholesome natural and organic foods with a reduced sodium and sugar content and with identifiable ingredients!

Seasonings and Spices

We offer you a selection of seasonings designed to meet all your enhanced cooking needs.  Whether you are seeking a popular, tantalizing saffron spice or something rarer that will provide an extra impact, we have it for you, such as BBQ and fish rub, and a lot more.

The excellent quality offered by our service includes a wide and varied range of seasonings. They can help you experience the cooking wonders of different countries, such as Greece, Chile, Peru, Mexico, India, and Jamaica.

Our seasoning products are of the highest quality and completely undiluted. It is part of our mission statement that we will not compromise product quality in favor of a competitive price structure!

Our range of quality spices include ingredients from Pimento to Paprika, available as crushed, ground, diced or mixed to meet your personal requirements. The exceptional taste, aroma, blending, and color of our spices are designed to enhance your cooking and provide you with outstanding results and a personal spice sensation.

Maqui Berry Powder
Lucuma Powder
Plant-based Ingredients

Protein concentrates are found in the form of plant-based brown rice and offer a complete amino acid content that is an allergen-friendly option to dairy proteins and soy. Rice protein is available in a variety of concentrations, designed for your particular needs. It is produced by way of a completely natural process and recommended as a nutritional supplement.

Pea protein is also available, adding texture and a mild flavor to a range of food applications.

Natural colorants provide an inherent nutrient content, for example; Blueberry with its dietary essential fiber. Other natural ingredients that can add healthy colorant include Cherries, Carrot, Blackberry, Cranberry, Red Pepper, Asparagus, Purple Corn, and various others.

Superfoods are 100% natural and contain a large collection of basic nutrients for our body; including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants.
These Superfoods can be found in fruits, algae, seeds, roots and herbs that contain a lot of nutrients in small portions.
Intuitaste provides Maqui Berry, grown in the depths of the Chilean countryside, Maqui has the sweet taste of berries, with acidic and fresh notes and loaded with antioxidants and fiber. It can be incorporated into the diet by preparing juices, smoothies or adding it to yogurt.


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