Spice your culinary dishes with authentic



traditional Chilean Merken

Merken, also known as Merquen, is the ideal seasoning to have in your kitchen. It can be used in every dish from everyday cuisine to gourmet delights. This wonderful copper-coloured hot spice owes its origin to the Mapuche people that come from the Araucania region of Chile. It is used as a traditional seasoning for many Chilean dishes, and is as common as salt or pepper for many others. Merken is a great additive when making Pebre (Chilean salsa) and Spicy Mash Potatoes.


What is Merken and how is it made

This hot, smoky flavored spice is made from a chile (Goat’s Horn)that is dried then smoked over a fire in a stone mortar. It is combined with salt and toasted coriander, and smoked very slowly in order to give it a delicious aromatic smoky spiced flavor.


The many uses of Merken

Merken can be used as a rub before cooking or marinating or as a table condiment.  It is also utilized on fish or poultry to enhance the natural flavor and an added zest. You can also make a tasty bread dip by mixing one teaspoon of Merken with three teaspoons of olive oil.


You can sprinkle Merken on pizza and popcorn, and on a baked potato, with the resultant taste on the palate, delicious! Use it as an additive to flavor drinks such as Margaritas and Micheladas. Or, top up the natural flavor of nuts and olives by adding a touch of Merken to them for an added tang. 


Merken has recently gained popularity as more people become interested in Chilean cuisine.  In addition, many professional chefs now use it as an ingredient in a large variety of gourmet delights they offer discerning consumers.


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